Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hi guys,i apologise for the delay in my writing as i have had exams, and have been sick.
Anyway, so my dad did organise the X-RAY and i had utdone. The horror on my parents face scaring me more than the angriest face could have. I had scoliosis and had it extremely bad. My mother straight away got to research on how to calculate the size of the curves. They were massive each at 46 degrees.

My father (being the ever influential doctor that he is) organised an appointment with one of the most regarded orthopaedic surgeons in Sydney. The day of the appointment i got ready to go and have a brace fitted, as i thought that it could be corrected. Was i wrong as ever. Firstly the doctor told me to strip down ti my undies so he could examine me. After an examination an a moment of thought, he said "a brace will not work, he needs surgery." I just took it on the chin. Who cares it won't be any time soon. Wrong again. He said that if left too long without surgery it would progress and soon become in-operable. There was an opening on the 24th of October, a mere month after finding out it even existed. I would miss out on my yearly exams and have le last term of school off. Here is the worst part, it was not one operation, but two.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The start of me becoming mature

It started on a sunny day, the 24th of September 2007. After a tiring day working outside around the house, and cutting the acre of grass! My father and I had run out of petrol for the mower, and I went inside to fetch myself a drink. My mum had just vacuumed and wiped the floor, and as she is ever paranoid about keeping the house clean, she rushed towards me and gave me a towel to wipe my dripping feat. While bending over to dry my feat, my mum saw a site that no mother wants to see.

I had an extremely large hump on the right hand side of my back. Quickly my mum rushed towards me and asked, "why are you standing like that?", and me being the immature 14 year old responded, "what?" all the while thinking how "uncool" my mum was acting. Looking back on it now i finally see how immature i actually was. Mum phoned dad who had just left and told him to rush home, and that there was something wrong with my back. Dad rushed home, examined me, and brushed it off with a "it's only slight scoliosis, i will organise an X-Ray for you next week."