Sunday, April 26, 2009

The start of me becoming mature

It started on a sunny day, the 24th of September 2007. After a tiring day working outside around the house, and cutting the acre of grass! My father and I had run out of petrol for the mower, and I went inside to fetch myself a drink. My mum had just vacuumed and wiped the floor, and as she is ever paranoid about keeping the house clean, she rushed towards me and gave me a towel to wipe my dripping feat. While bending over to dry my feat, my mum saw a site that no mother wants to see.

I had an extremely large hump on the right hand side of my back. Quickly my mum rushed towards me and asked, "why are you standing like that?", and me being the immature 14 year old responded, "what?" all the while thinking how "uncool" my mum was acting. Looking back on it now i finally see how immature i actually was. Mum phoned dad who had just left and told him to rush home, and that there was something wrong with my back. Dad rushed home, examined me, and brushed it off with a "it's only slight scoliosis, i will organise an X-Ray for you next week."


  1. As uncool as I was, I was worried.

  2. wlak ye2borni rabak inta

    i am soooo pleased to see you writing. I CAN'T wait for more!

  3. I like the name of this blog!!

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  5. I read your aunt's blog and I love it, hope to read the rest of your story soon :)